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Community Music Therapy

This looks like fun!  Lots of folks gathered together to share some old tunes and remember the good old days.  No, we’re not the entertainment!  Community Music Therapy focuses on restoring, maintaining, and improving quality of life through music and music interventions.  Weekly interventions include Neighborhood Sessions, Chime Time, and Villa Voices.

We’re particularly grateful, too, for the opportunities that our mom had to participate in Music Therapy programs.  To have our mom reconnect with one of her loves and talents from an earlier time in her life was a precious gift to her and to us in her last years.
- Pellegrino family


Therapy Goals
Meaningful engagement
Emotional status
Process issues/experiences
Sense of autonomy
Decrease problem behaviors
Self-regulation/coping skills
Sense of group indentity/belonging
Vocational status
Support relationships/social skills
Explore sense of meaning
Consider issues of life/death
Explore sense of beauty
Navigate bereavment process
Participate in transcendent experiences
Meaningful responsiveness and orientation
Attention functions
Memory recall
Executive function skills