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Dining Services

Chef Tom


Attention to fine details, table-side service in new Country Kitchens, menu choices and culinary expertise combine to make mealtime a healthy, sensory-pleasing experience for residents. Physicians, dietitians, therapists and nursing staff work together to design individual nutrition plans that reduce weight loss and depression and promote residents’ overall health and wellness. Our Chef and dining staff are frequently seen at mealtime checking on residents’ needs, and hold special culinary demonstrations. 

Hospitality during meal time is a focus, with emphasis on decorated dining rooms, resident choice of foods, and encouragement for social dining with fellow residents, all in the spirit of providing a healing environment. 

Foods to meet residents’ specialized diet needs are prepared in an appetizing manner, such as pureed foods prepared in attractive molds to look like solid fruit and vegetables. 

A registered dietitian meets with each resident and reviews his or her clinical nutritional needs in order to recommend an appropriate diet. Each resident’s nutritional needs are then continually monitored throughout his or her stay.

Any friend or family member can join our residents for a meal.  This can be arranged by visiting our Guest Services (724-869-6300) and requesting a meal for the cost of $5.00.