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Music and Memory

Our Music and Memory initiative is supported by the nonprofit organization, Music and Memory.  This program extends the use of personalized music with the use of iPods for residents, especially those with dementia.  Listening to preferred music, or music that evokes personal associations, can help engage, stimulate, or calm residents.

Family members are encouraged to participate in this program by helping identify music that is personally significant for their loved one.  Music listening experiences can also be shared by joining your loved one when they are using their iPod.  Families are welcome to provide their own iPod with personalized playlists, or the music therapy department will coordinate these resources.

Donated iPods allow more residents to participate in this program.  To donate an iPod for the Music and Memory program, contact David Dix, Director of Development, at 724.869.6321 or

For more information on the relationship between music therapy and the Music and Memory program, please refer to this quick guide provided by the American Music Therapy Association.

Clinical Music Therapy and the Music and Memory Program

Getting Started

If you feel your loved one may benefit from participating in the Music and Memory program, there are a few ways to help get the process started:

  • Make a referral: Tell a staff person, particularly someone from Music Therapy, Activities, or Nursing, that you'd like your loved one to be involved.
  • Share music preferences: We might contact you to help identify music preferences for your loved one.  However, you don't have to wait for us!  You can use this form to help think about what music is most meaningful and email it to or drop it off when you stop by.

Music & Memory: Music Preferences

  • Make a playlist: We can provide an iPod and earbuds or headphones with your loved one's unique music on it and ready to play.  However, you don't have to wait for us!  If you have an iPod and would like to prepare the music yourself, you can drop it off to be used only by your loved one.  If you are not sure which music to choose or in what order to place the songs, this guide includes some tips and considerations.

Music & Memory: Making a Playlist

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