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Nurse Aide Training Program at

Villa St Joseph

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Since 1999 Villa St Joseph has provided on-site Nurse Aide Training Programs that are designed to prepare students for successful completion of the course work and passing of the certification exam.

Our 118 hour nursing assistant course instructs the prospective student in his/her role in long-term patient care.  Instruction is accomplished through a curriculum approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education directed at: the role of the nursing assistant including legality and promotion of resident rights, communications, infection control, basic body systems, effect of aging and disease on body systems and measures to promote independence and rehabilitation.

The candidates receive this training free of charge and many have utilized our program as a stepping stone for advancement in their careers.  Several of our students have become Registered Nurses under our employ.   We assist the candidates in with all aspects of successful completion of the program.

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Contact information for the up coming classes:

Sandra Grimm,RN  724-869-6314,

Cathy Cicco, 724-869-6396,