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Our Board of Directors

Villa St. Joseph is grateful to the following individuals from our local community who give of their time and talents to support Villa St. Joseph through their Board of Director’s role:

Board of Directors

President:  Mr. A. Gary Chace
Vice President: Mr. K. Craig Trout
Secretary and Treasurer: Sr. Patricia Phillips, CSJ
Ex Officio and Congregational Moderator: Sr. Mary Pellegrino, CSJ
  • Mrs. Kathy Adelman
  • Mr. Joseph Bevevino
  • Mr. Joseph S.D. Christof, II
  • Sr. Anne Green, CSJ
  • Dr. Holly M. Hampe
  • Sr. Judith Maroni, CSJ -  Emerita
  • Ms. Johannah Robb
  • Dr. Melvin H. Steals
  • Dr. David Thimons
  • Ms. Cynthia Zydel
Staff to the Board
  • Mr. James B. Pieffer, President, SeniorCare Network
  • Mr. Andrew B. Mangene, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mrs. Mary M. Murray, Executive Director
  • Mr. David Dix, Development Director
  • Mrs. Lynn K. Jessep, Executive Assistant
  • Sr. Lisa Balcerek, Pastoral Care/Mission Integration Director
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Villa St. Joseph is fortunate to have board members that truly emulate our mission statement and vision.